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Gather upon my directionless spirit
the smoke-stacks of the prairies eyes.
Kindling stoked forever to the amber midnight,
rivers run through me, where whiskey fire bellows,
crackling storms rejuvenate my leather skin.
Ventilate the purple skies through my
Veins that twist with the winds.
:iconbjornfellhand:BjornFellhand 0 0
The Place We Left
Take us back to that place we left
So long ago, amongst
Burnt-autumn skies warmly reflecting
Upon our golden world,
in pools we waded through our
last innocent moments.
Days by the waves of fire-grain,
Whistling through the trembling
Mighty oak's wisdom.
You found yourself there,
What freedom is, but you did not
Care to name it freedom, just love.
The rays of Horus,
Capture my imagination,
Kings that seem good in stories,
Tyrants in life, such is all reality
You left me there, in those dreamscapes,
waiting for me to take your hand.
:iconbjornfellhand:BjornFellhand 1 2
Verse One:
People used to tell me "You're brilliant" all the time,
I would tell em', "Ya, I know, I want to change the world!"
But somewhere along the path I changed my mind
I felt humbled by their compliments,
I guess it was my ego or some form of pompousness,
Back then when I had friends that were more like accomplices,
In our young age so much pain, depression in our consciences,
Before we were unconscious drifting like continents,
We struggled with real shit like it was incontinence,
It may seem ominous that those bridges fell, like I was so stuck in confidence,
My mother raised me well, but I put her through hell,
And I still do, fits of despondence, crippled with non-sense,
I could blow my mind away, and flush all of the contents,
But I've loved my kin long-since; the issue won't be instrumental,
it isn't their fault that I can't live up to my potential,
I build a palace, only to tear it apart in the mental
Verse Two:  
Deafening quiet dreams in my broken thoughts,
:iconbjornfellhand:BjornFellhand 1 2
All the Little Pieces
I would waste
more than words on you.
In the reeds of iron and re-bar,
Pipe symphonies in the heart of
Something that is not alive,
molten hands touch, we are one fire.
I see you, beyond jackals
who contain teeth of
chattering gems,
who sort through you.
All the little pieces
scattered hot on the steel
My eyes are a lost child,
Like orbitals, or flotation devices
Weaving through your ocean,
Callous portent, toughen you
See what you sacrifice,
Blow kisses through your brain tissue
Smile and end it,
What a world, mi amor,
Your little eclipses,
Surround my stars,
A coated mirage on my face,
Cherish your fatalist love songs.
:iconbjornfellhand:BjornFellhand 1 2
Ghost World 'Wash It All Away'
It's never winter nights,
always autumn afternoons,
cold colored-leaves
collect like gold doubloons,
flowers at my feet
which impact upon this tomb,
my ragged breath
drags across the room
Old spirits encased in a dusty jar,
I fear being alone,
but I love to embrace the jagged scars,
I dream something sublime
through the rusty bars,
but it ends up a subprime mortgage,
candid and sorted through the stars,
the risk factor is hard,
I click faster through the channels
hoping to drift through the annals of Mars
Like a dismantled majesty,
eclipse me in travesty,
I drip with catastrophe,
through my lips flow the tapestry
You can call me the crooked sire,
Ling Wei, gold leaves,
twirl like a snow of fire,
drifting through Gotham streets,
no hope, and no desire,
waiting for the supreme judgment,
like it's Sotomayor,
Capture me alone in a photograph,
cries have awoken like a monograph
etched upon my epitaph,
tomb stones the moon's shown,
in the ash of this decrepit path,
Watch it all decay,
Wash i
:iconbjornfellhand:BjornFellhand 0 1
21 years past, living dead, ghosts that's irrelevant,
Keeping the darkness at bay like it's the wings of a pelican,
He knows about the hellishness,
And the elements to his sedentary eloquence,
Arrested development
Always asking for favors,
But never pays a visit to his long-time neighbors,
He needs to know he's alive, he craves her,
He needs to live his life, only one time to savor(save her)
Dripping with existence, the trembling king of subsistence,
Feels homely and his cronies don't even know his remittance,  
Taken out in the night by his visions, given permission,
To stay awake and dream about his conscripted condition
Eyes turning red, burning blistering into his churning head
What is this life; he doesn't see a messiah, the only sire
He ever admired turned into a liar
Desperately trying to extinguish
the flames that will never relinquish,
His name is distinguished, blab it to the trinkets
in darkest English
A good guy, one of the few, not a coward,
His spirit is young,
:iconbjornfellhand:BjornFellhand 2 2
My Love to Maya 'Firewater'
I cross honeysuckle rings
Of a wicker hillock,
Ripe shades of amber grain spin
Beneath the hammer-peeled sun,
Spirit of Quetzalcoatl.
Cobalt children of fire.
Pantomiming dark sonnets
To rough Mexico where I
Wet my throat, forgetting
How my celadon engraved,
And enduring, cool to be –
What ruins, reflected.
I have accused the troop horse,
Flirtations in the mirror
With survival, in this barn,
To bite the cursed mambas
Which haunt my shattered ghost-dance,
Blackjack, with a floating rib.
Three strips of flesh, a ticket
To nowhere, upon a yacht,
Which I grant may exist,
I cannot read the writing,
No one cares to listen to
Gringos dumped in Chiapas.
:iconbjornfellhand:BjornFellhand 0 0
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Bjorn Fellhand
United States
If you tremble indignation at every injustice, then you are a comrade of mine.

Current Residence: The Occupation Zone, NE
Personal Quote: "It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees." Emiliano Zapata
Yup, still alive.  Doing things.  Check out stuff that's coming in.  Yeeeah.   Add comments n' shit, yo'.
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